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Search the ORU Library Catalog
Search WorldCat (ORU Database)
   Advance Search Limiters
    Exercise: Find Your Local Library Symbol
   Exercise: WorldCat Search
    'Libraries Worldwide' Link

DLLS advises that you check local options first. Your local library may have some books you need in addition to an Interlibrary Loan service that allows you to request materials the library does not own.

When you begin your search try your local libraries, which may have some materials you need. You can also search the ORU Library Catalog and the database WorldCat, which contains records for materials in libraries worldwide, including the ORU library and probably your local libraries.

Search the ORU Library Catalog

Books available in the ORU Library can be identified by using the ORU Library's online Catalog (IPAC), including two ebook collections (ebrary and NetLibrary), along with links to the electronic books. Please note that the ebook collections are "additional" titles and not merely duplicated electronic versions of hard copy books in the library.


Search the catalog from the ORU Library home page.


Or, use the green 'Go' button to go to the library catalog page, and then search.

ORU Library Catalog

Try a search:

You also have the option to search either ebook collection. On the Library home page, click 'Databases' and choose either ebrary or NetLibrary . Since these are ORU databases, you will need to login.

WorldCat (ORU Database)

WorldCat is the OCLC catalog of books and other materials in participating libraries worldwide. The database contains millions of bibliographic records and includes records representing 400 languages. Following are some of WorldCat's unique features that will be helpful in your search and find process.

Advance Search limiters

  • Limit 'content' type (fiction, biography, thesis/dissertation)
  • Limit 'material' types (books, Internet resources, etc.)
  • Limit to 'library's' holdings




To find books in your local libraries, before you begin the search set limits to those libraries. First, find the libraries' codes then enter the codes in the appropriate text box, as shown above.

Find the symbol (code) for your local library in WorldCat.

Exercise #1:
Search the list of Participation Libraries and find a local library. Try a search using your City/State or ZIP/postal code.

You may want to record the codes (symbols) for future reference.


Search WorldCat for books in a your local library.

Exercise #2:
Search WorldCat for a subject of interest to you and set 'Library Code' limits using using the code(s)/symbol(s) you found in the previous exercise. (Note: To include more than one library code use a space or comma to separate the symbols.)

The 'Libraries Worldwide' Link

After you find a book, click the 'Libraries Worldwide' link to check libraries that own the item. (Libraries are grouped by state.)

(Note: ORU's library holdings are easily identified in the record.)

Finding a book in your nearby library may be helpful and save you time. However, it is not a necessary step in requesting books from ORU DLLS Interlibrary Loan.


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